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Lexington Residential Real Estate Attorneys

Many individuals and investors choose to work with an attorney only after a legal dispute has come about. After more than 25 years of experience as Lexington, Massachusetts, residential real estate lawyers, we know that the best defense against a poorly managed real estate transaction is to work with an experienced attorney from the outset.

At Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun, P.C., we ensure that our clients' real property investments throughout the Greater Boston area are handled with personal attention, diligence and attention to detail. Whether you are negotiating the purchase and sales agreement of a home, or are struggling to manage the formation of multi-unit dwellings, our firm can deliver results.

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Woburn Lawyer Handling Real Estate Contracts And Purchase Agreements

Deadlines are crucial in real estate law matters, but many people do not realize it until they have faced financial consequences for missing a deadline. An experienced attorney can step in to manage the real estate purchase and sale process; review contracts and agreements; and ensure that clauses, contingencies and deadlines are handled appropriately.

Beyond the initial purchase agreement, we will continue toward closing by:

  • Reviewing title details and ensuring that the seller clears any title defects
  • Preparing or reviewing closing documents such as the deed, mortgage and HUD settlement statement and bill of sale
  • Determining title options such as joint tenancy or tenancy in common
  • Handling issues related to municipal law or zoning ordinances and land-use regulations

Real estate brokers often guide individuals through this entire process, but they are not as experienced with the legal implications. An investment this large warrants representation from an experienced lawyer.

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Gain an understanding of your legal needs and the expected cost associated with representation by having a frank discussion with an experienced lawyer at our firm. We welcome your call.

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