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Lexington Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

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At Nicholson, Sreter & Gilgun, P.C., we help our clients make informed decisions about the business management and planning aspects of commercial real estate law. We have worked with local municipalities in the Burlington, Woburn and the Greater Boston area for more than 25 years. In that time we have gained an acute understanding of the complex commercial real estate issues that our clients face.

Attorneys Frederick V. Gilgun Jr. and Albert J. Sreter have earned a reputation for excellence in helping real estate investors and developers assess their options and enter into agreements with a firm grasp of the legal implications of those agreements. Make sure you have access to a high caliber of knowledge and experience from Lexington commercial real estate lawyers who will help you make the right decisions to meet your goals.

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Woburn Lawyer Handling Business Permits And Massachusetts Commercial Zoning

Purchasing real property for commercial use is not as simple as completing a buy/sell agreement. Complex questions arise related to financing, entity formation, zoning bylaws and municipal law regulations:

  • What form of entity should I take title in?
  • Should I hold this entity individually?
  • What liability considerations are there if I own multiple properties?
  • What if I have multiple investors in this commercial property?
  • What is right exit strategy or buyout agreement if one investor wants out?
  • Should I consider this more of a small business entity?
  • What level of insurance would protect my property?

The nuances of commercial development depend on the location and the type of business you are forming in that area. Navigating this on your own can be difficult, consuming large amounts of time and resources while still leaving you uncertain of whether or not you are in compliance with strict regulations.

We have worked in this area of Massachusetts for many years, making connections with area municipal boards and committees and gaining a thorough understanding of which areas require various permits. We can help you make efficient, cost-effective and well-informed decisions to position you for success.

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Gain an understanding of your legal needs and the expected cost associated with representation by having a frank discussion with an experienced lawyer at our firm. We welcome your call.

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